Washington DC


if it rained crystals.

It would look like this. 

Terrace cloud by landscape artists, Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot is a new installation gracing the grounds of Dumbarton Oaks. It's formed from chicken wire and ten thousand Swarovski crystals! Now that’s some sparkle.

images: JSR


spring bouquet.

Pastel-colored ranunculus make for an oh so sweet spring bouquet!

images: JSR


ward 8.

It's true. I usually need a good reason to venture outside of NW and into the other quadrants and wards of the city. Saturday's Lumen8 provided the perfect occasion to across the Anacostia and enjoy art and music with like-minded folks. While strolling the neighborhood, this text (affixed to a vacant storefront on Good Hope Road) caught my eye as a lovely reminder.

text installation: Ben Skinner // image: JSR


zodiac heads.

Ai Weiwei is one of three artists featured in the premiere of Art in the Twenty-First Century's Season 6, which airs tonight (and can also be seen online here). To my happy surprise, Weiwei's first public sculpture Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads has just arrived in DC. His animals await with bated breath outside the Hirshhorn.

image: JSR



Wishing to move in space the same way these fish do in water - with such easy and grace.

(As seen in a little pond just outside of the Club House at Andrews Air Force Base.)

images: JSR